About “Repairs101 – a handyman how-to channel. My videos focus on skill building, knot tying and familiarity with a wide variety of tools designed for different jobs around the home, car, boat or work-site. I wanted to create something like this channel since way before the Internet was a thing – before the web I just assumed I would publish a do-it-yourself magazine.

Repairs101 is the culmination of my life’s work, hobbies and interests.”


“In 2010 I searched YouTube for a DIY video that could answer some questions I had about automotive air conditioning. Not only was there nothing intelligent on the subject but I noticed YouTube had pretty much nothing but duct tape and WD40 videos for DIY. So I made it my business to fix that.”

In 2011 Steve introduced the world to the the Backhand Hitch in his video Six Knots You Need To Know. A knot he had developed in the mid 1980’s with legendary master arborist Len Colpitts at Cedarvale Tree Experts in Toronto.

In 2014 Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis released their music video The Trucker’s Hitch . Which may or may not have been inspired by Six Knots You Need To Know . And another Repairs101 video The Trucker’s Hitch – tied 3 different ways – released about a year before Ylvis’ comic masterpiece.

Another day another shipyard


In real life Steve is a Red Seal Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic, a (former) CYA certified Cruising Instructor and an ISA certified Arboricultural Technician (expired).

Steve started out as a climber.

He has professional photographic training and is an accomplished visual artist. He spent a decade working as an arborist, another as a shipyard mechanic / heavy equipment operator and one more as a marine construction mechanic. The breadth of his training, certification and experience in a variety of fields is extensive.


Holly is an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) cross. She joined the Repairs101 family in 2015 when she was nine weeks old. Holly has a strong work ethic and is remarkably friendly to people and dogs. She enjoys long walks in the forest and old time country music like Hank Williams and Bill Monroe. Her turn-offs include fluffy little dogs that think they’re tough, crows, cats, rats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks and coyotes.