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Alpine Butterfly – Hot Knots 5

The Alpine Butterfly is a highly useful knot used especially in rigging. When a loop is required that may take an equal strain in all directions. And it still allows the rope to be recovered.

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OK you’re going to take your rope and you’re just going to put in a crossing turn just like that.

And then you’re going to cross it again.

Then you’re going to enlarge the eye of it like that. And flip it over itself so you make this nice pretzel shape.

Now I’m going to keep my finger on the top of the pretzel. Then you dig into the centre of the pretzel. And you take the top of the pretzel like that and pass it through behind everything and through.

And when you pull all that up and you pull it equally in all directions. You’ll find you get what’s known as an Alpine Butterfly. This is an Alpine Butterfly.

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