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Angle Grinder Holder

The Angle Grinder Holder is one of my best loved tools. It’s affordable, portable, and it makes cutting metal easy, safe and precise. And today on Repairs101 I’m going to show you how to put one together.

angle grinder holder disassembled

So, this Angle grinder holder jig guide whatchamacallit turns an ordinary four and a half or five inch angle grinder into a powerful miniature chop saw. It’s awesome. These adjuster studs just drop into the hex casting on the aluminum holder. The long one goes on the bottom. The short one goes on the top.

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One thing that might confuse you when you’re putting it together is that there are extra bolts, nuts and top hat bushings to accommodate for different handle mounts. Be sure to tighten everything down one last time before you power it up. You know. Just in case.

Angle grinder holder assembled

You can use it with a zip disk like I do to make perfectly consistent cuts in pipe, rebar, flat bar, tubing, angle iron and more! At the end of the last episode I had mentioned showing you what I had planned for all that neat junk I had collected. However, after its release I realized I would be missing an opportunity to first showcase this very popular tool.

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