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Apprenticeships Pay – Everybody Wins

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Today on Repairs101 I’m going to talk briefly about how apprenticeships work for everyone involved. Apprenticeships have existed since cavemen taught each other how to make fire, shelter and tools. I

Apprenticeships are hard work

n the old days apprentices were contracted to their master for seven years – at the end of which they will have seen and performed the skills of the master enough to become journeymen themselves.

Whether you work for a single master or among a group of journeymen, your boss benefits from having inexpensive help that gradually turns into a highly specialized worker suited for their business.

Apprentices learn by watching journeymen work and through hands-on experience and classroom studies. Soon enough they learn to work independently. In time the apprentice can take over routine operation which frees-up the boss for more important duties.

Apprenticeships are humble work

Assuming you survive, in the end it’s all worth it because of the wealth of knowledge and skills you acquire. One thing you’ll learn for sure is that when the going gets tough, the boss is nowhere to be found. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

Apprenticeships work great for employers

I feel uniquely qualified to assess and discuss the Apprenticeships practice as I have served three full apprenticeships. First apprenticeship I undertook was as an arborist climber/foreman. Next I became a Diesel Mechanic / diesel fitter working in shipyards. Finally I finished the trifecta by becoming a red seal Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic.

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