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Barbeque flashback fire

Barbeque flashback fire. Today on Repairs101 we’ll go over what to do when your barbeque catches on fire. This episode of Repairs101 is sponsored by Princess Auto.

So there I am grilling up some burgers and I notice the label on the front of my Q is melting. That ain’t right. Oh yeah.

So I checked to see that the control valves were off and then I shut off the main valve on the tank.

You’ll notice I don’t keep the tank on the Barbeque cart and this is exactly the kind of reason why.

Now the grill fire is easy enough to explain. A buildup of grease on the lava rocks ignites and suddenly your coal grill is a flame broiler.

So it’s time to clean up the entire grill and change the rocks. Maybe you want to upgrade to ceramic briquettes.

An unexpected fire is generally enough to convince most people to discard their barbeque and go buy a new one. But that’s completely unnecessary.

The burner, or manifold, has venturi tubes attached to it and can be replaced simply enough. 

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Use compressed air to blow out any debris or insects that have made a home in your manifold. Their presence creates back-pressure that leads to the flashback.

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Alright so on this old Kenmore the burner just snaps back into place.

You know, as a Canadian my barbeque is a central part of my dining strategy. I use it all year ‘round. Rain or shine. Snow. Whatever. 

Happy Grillin’!!

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