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Make your beater sweeter 5

– my $500 1987 Pickup still leaks

Alright today on Repairs101, I’ve got part four and a half of my five part series on How to Make Your Beater just a little bit sweeter. Ya you heard me. This episode of Repairs101 is sponsored by Princess Auto, with stores in every province across Canada, check ‘em out online at princessauto.com

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Now besides the truck, I’ve also got a couple of great gift ideas for you, what with [Groundhog Day] just around the corner. Check out this little red wagon I scored. Now as much as I like to pretend to be a filmmaker, I’m actually a marine mechanic. And this is going to be great for hauling tools up and down the docks. But you know what really sold it? It was that the load rating on it is almost the same as on my Toyota Rav4.

So the snow tires I ordered back in August still haven’t arrived and its December tomorrow.

I’m told they’re in a container somewhere. On a ship somewhere waiting in line somewhere to get into a port somewhere. So between that and all the rain we’ve been getting here in coastal British Columbia lately…well, this may take a while. You’ll remember I had a leak on the passenger side and so I resealed the windshield but there is still some moisture getting in and I suspect it’s coming from this seam on the firewall. So I’ll have to get some more goo. True to form I’m going to try to repair this broken armrest rather than replace it. We’ll see how it goes next episode.

The engine has been surging and stalling like it was running out of gas. So naturally I checked the alternator output – it’s fine. So I suspect it’s the fuel filter which I was able to obtain but discovered I’d have to lift the truck to replace it so… Yeah, did I mention it’s been raining? Now if that’s not it I’ll be looking at the fuel pump.

But, you know, that’s what old vehicles are like. The more you look, the more you find needs fixing.

Now, seriously, if you dig this, wait until you get a load of my neighbour’s project car.

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