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Make Your Beater Sweeter Pt.4

– windshield leak & tune-up

Alright today on Repairs101 – part four of my first series ever! How to make your beater sweeter. This episode we’ve got a windshield leak, going to show you how to remove a rounded oil pan drain nut and we’ll change the engine oil, filters, plugs, wires, cap and rotor. This episode is brought to you by Princess Auto. Check out princessauto.com to have a look at their amazing range of automotive tools and equipment.


Now way back in June I was washing my brand new thirty-five-year-old pickup truck and I noticed this on the floor. When the October rains started it was clear that something had to be done. So I taped it up to confirm it was in fact the windshield that was leaking. And then the first sunny day that came along I got out there and peeled off all the tape and got to work. After a thorough cleaning with a brush and a rag and some compressed air. I used this handy spike on my caulking gun to break the inner seal on my tube of goo. So it looks pretty good I’ll have to let you know if it keeps the water out and I still have yet to replace the stainless trim, but I’ll get to that pretty soon.


So by filters I mean oil filter and air filter. Normally I’d do the fuel filter too but I wasn’t able to find one in time for this production’s release. You can see this one has really done its job protecting the engine from debris.

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This old truck’s oil pan drain nut has been badly rounded. From someone trying to open it using, I don’t know, an adjustable wrench or a pair of pliers or something. Grab a good quality six-point socket in the correct size and pound it on with a hammer. Not only will that help you get the nut open but it will reshape it for future use.

So I bought it a set of plugs, wires, a distributor cap and rotor. The cap and rotor are old dinosaur bones that sit on top of the distributor and the distributor shaft. OK so the rotor delivers high voltage current from the coil. It distributes it to the spark plugs as the rotor rotates and comes in contact with the contacts. I say four fifths of a tune-up because I still need to do the fuel filter and change the coolant. Well it looks like this old beast will escape the crusher for a few more years.

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