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Bench Grinder Primer

– Tips Tricks & Axe / Hatchet Head Restoration

Alright so today on Repairs101 I’ve got this beat up old hatchet that I picked up at a lawn sale years ago for a dollar. And in restoring it I’m going to show you some of the things you need to know about your bench grinder.

Hatchet job

So this hatchet had a broken toe. And it had been used as a hammer for something hard enough to mushroom over the butt’s edges. The head was loose so I pounded in a large steel wedge. The handle was quite nice and, being Canadian, I actually like the hockey tape grip.

Wear your PPE

Firstly, you’re going to want to have long sleeve protective clothing on. And the best protective eyewear that you can get your hands on.

Grinding creates a lot of dust that you definitely don’t want to be breathing. It’s important to consider the grinder’s speed rating, wheel diameter and arbor size if you’re going to be changing wheels. Once you’ve got your wheels figured out be sure your grinder is mounted firmly to its base. Or it may just walk away on you. If your wheel is badly rounded or impregnated with foreign material. You can make your own wheel dresser with a stack of loose fitting steel washers on a bolt. Be sure the spark shields and guards are all in place and adjusted correctly.

Tool rest adjustment

Start by adjusting the tool rest so that it’s an eighth of an inch or three millimetres from the stone. Do not work without a tool-rest. Instead of cutting back the bit. I decided to reshape the blade by cutting back the broken toe to resemble a tomahawk. Keep in mind that your grinder creates an awful mess of dust. Grit and burned sparks so set it up where the mess won’t matter at all. Keep your work from overheating and ruining the temper of the steel. By applying light pressure only and dipping your work in water frequently. If the stains bother you, you can use your wire brush followed by NEVR-DULL in figure eight strokes. They don’t really bother me.

Or you can take the covers off to get at the shaft. And put a wire wheel on your bench grinder for more power.

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