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Benchtop blast cabinet

Alright, today on Repairs 101 I’ve got this Benchtop Blast Cabinet. I’ll set it up, show you what it came with, what it needed and um what happened to this box it came in.

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So the cabinet itself came assembled and it came with five extra protective window protect… Protective window protectors? Really? And it also came with this roll of silicone tape for the air fittings.

While there is a light for that’s sold separately for this cabinet I decided to save a few bucks and repurposed this magnetic corner light that I got at Princess Auto.

The bigger hose on the gun is the abrasive pick-up and the small one is for the air fitting.

As a bonus it came with some different sized nozzle tips.

Blasting Gun Assembly

So you just drop the pickup into the sump and tighten the nut up on the other site.

Next you want to negotiate this tray into place with the abrasive pickup hose passing through the cutaway section.

Benchtop blast cabinet modification air regulator

And for just a few dollars more I put a regulator with a gauge on the air inlet.

Now there was no adapter for the vacuum, so I made one out of, well this Chuckit ball  that I noticed it was a similar size.

Amazingly it holds on nice and snug without any adhesives or duct tape.


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Now this cabinet is compatible with all manners of abrasive ranging from glass bead to soda to walnut shells. I opted for aluminum oxide because of its aggressiveness.

So the manual calls for seven liters of abrasive. I tried to use less but it starved the pick-up.

Here you can see the dust escaping in spite of the fact that I’ve got a vacuum running to evacuate all the dust. So you must wear a respirator when using your cabinet.

And this is why you have to wait ‘til the dust settles before you open the door on your benchtop blast cabinet.

So I’ve collected a whole bunch of really interesting rusty old junk that I’m going to be blasting clean over the next little while.

So have a look at my next video to see what it is exactly I’m going to be doing with all this rusty old junk.

Benchtop blast cabinet results
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