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Camp Stove

– How To Build A Portable BioMass Stove From Old Coffee Cans

Alright today on Repairs101 I’m going to show you how to make your own camp stove for burning biomass fuels out of a few old cans and a couple of dollars worth of hardware.

So I collected some tools to cut up a bunch of cans I‘d collected and a five to four inch duct reducer.

I drew up a clock-face pattern and started cutting C shaped vents into the shorter coffee can. I placed holes at twelve, four and eight o’clock for mounting pins.

Then I cut some V notches in the reducer to act as retainer tabs for the cage wire grate. I shaped the cage wire into three individual grates.

I dropped the bolts in loosely, fit a washer over the lip and torqued them down. Then it was D vents in the combustion chamber slash diffuser and a few Vs on top. Next I cut down a soup can for the fire tunnel and a tomato paste can for the exhaust. Then I used a little acetone to clean that green paint off. Then I just had to cut everything to fit. I put three sheet metal screws in to hold the combustion chamber/diffuser firm. And then I cut them off so that I wouldn’t get cut myself if I reached inside. So then I matched up the position of the mounting pins and drilled them out.


Then I proceeded to fit the fire tunnel and the exhaust pipe. The pins mount through the corresponding holes. And the fire tunnel connects the cooktop lid to the combustion chamber / diffuser.

Biomass fuels are things like wood, charcoal, plant waste and dung. Things you would normally burn in a camp stove.

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