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Macrame Net Tote Bag

Macrame – I mean today on Repairs101 I’ll show you what you need and how to make a net tote bag like this one. If...

Eye Splice : Braided Rope

Eye Splice: Braided Rope – Transcript provided for the hearing impaired. I added this eye splice as a handle on the end of this Monkey...

Ocean Plat Flat Knot Mat

Check this nautical door mat I made with a 25 foot piece of half inch / three strand rope tied into a flat knot - the Ocean Plat. Makes a great rainy day project - on land or at sea.

Monkey Fist Knot Dog & Cat Toy

How to tie a Monkey Fist knot shown in real time. Two examples shown in detail on different sizes of rope. Great dog toy for throwing / tugging. Small version makes a great chase toy for cats, too.

How to Splice Rope

Detailed look at splicing an eye splice, tying a Crown Knot, a back splice and a short splice using three strand twisted fibre rope.

The Backhand Hitch

How to tie the Backhand Hitch - a knot that's easy to tie, reliable and versatile! So simple I demonstrate how to tie it with one hand! Can be used for anything from securing tent pegs to towing boats and barges.

How to Weave Rope Seats

Demonstrates the process of weaving twine warp and weft into a strong and decorative seat or chair back with a checkerboard style design. Learn an ancient woven art form soon to be lost forever to mechanization. Shows how to make tools required for the job.

10+ Knots You Want To Know

How to tie and when to use more than ten of the most commonly used traditional and effective knots and several variations (including some left handed versions) shown to demonstrate how simple knots and hitches are the building blocks for more complex knots.

The Marlingspike Hitch

Learn to tie the Marlinspike (or Marlingspike) Hitch - a useful knot for making rope ladders, hanging hammocks or pulling hard on light line without the rope cutting into your hands. Many uses for this easy to tie, strong, reliable and versatile knot!

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