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The Backhand Hitch

How to tie the Backhand Hitch - a knot that's easy to tie, reliable and versatile! So simple I demonstrate how to tie it with one hand! Can be used for anything from securing tent pegs to towing boats and barges.

The Marlingspike Hitch

Learn to tie the Marlinspike (or Marlingspike) Hitch - a useful knot for making rope ladders, hanging hammocks or pulling hard on light line without the rope cutting into your hands. Many uses for this easy to tie, strong, reliable and versatile knot!

Painter Hitch

This knot is used by campers, cowboys and sailors alike whenever there is a need for quick release - collapses instantly to free a spooked horse or release a boat tied to a pier with a rapidly falling tide. Perfect for dog leashes and leads too.

Cow Hitch – Hot Knots 4

OK say you have a ring, you know the common thing to do would be to just pass that through, flip it over and you...

Slippery Hitch – Hot Knots 2

Transcript provided for the hearing impaired: It’s tight this way… but you pull on this and it quick-releases. MUSIC PLAYS So… there we go. So...

Cleat Hitch – Hot Knots 1

Quick lesson on how-to tie the perfect cleat hitch every time! Transcript provided for the hearing impaired:

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