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Auto Theft Scam: Another CRIME WARNING

This auto theft scam is used by car thieves to take your car and everything in it – including your phone, wallet, cash, credit cards and housekeys! Don’t fall victim to this crime that happens when you least expect it in seemingly safe places where you never thought it could.

Transcript provided for the hearing impaired:


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(Car beeps)

Alright so I’m only going to tell you this once. OK so you know the Chump gets in her car after a hard day of shopping and, um, you know she’s got her cellphone, she’s got her car keys, she’s got her wallet and her credit cards and she gets in and she starts the engine. She checks her mirrors, and sees “Oh, there’s something on the back window.” So she gets out to go see what it is. That’s when I go to work.

Eternal gratitude to Tiffany Mo
The star of Auto theft scam with her SUV

Always be aware of your surroundings. Always be aware of other people nearby.

Never get out of your car while the engine is running.

Password protect your cellphone and any other devices you carry.

If someone confronts you and demands your possessions calmly hand over whatever it is they want. The stuff you’re trying to protect is not worth the injury you may sustain for non-compliance .

Hashtag common auto theft scam.

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