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DOG COLLAR from Old Belt

I took an old 1″ belt I used to wear and a new quick release buckle and made a beautiful leather dog collar for my neighbour’s Rhodesian Ridgeback.

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This is my dog Holly. And that’s her dog, Quinn. We’ve helped take care of him since he was a little tyke.

Which he is not anymore. When he outgrew his harness I made him a collar out of an old leather belt I used to wear.

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Most belts come with five holes in them. You’ll need a buckle, a D-ring – I pirated this one from Holly’s old collar. You’ll need a real sharp knife. A hammer. A five thirty-seconds of an inch punch. Some braided nylon line and some adhesive.

I prepped the ends by trimming them and then reducing the tips so that they would glue down flat for the dog’s comfort.


So, I melted the ends of the twine. I applied beeswax to make it water resistant. And I wound it through five times.

I pulled out the slack, and then I tied a square knot – that’s left over right, right over left – in the center by keeping the tails outside on opposite sides. After that I trimmed the tails and sewed the knots with cotton thread and a darning needle.

Alright, last but not least: remember those tips that I reduced? Glue and clamp them and leave them overnight.

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