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Drill : Skill Building / Basics Part 1.

Drill : Skill Building – Alright today on Repairs101 we’re going back to our roots with a skill building video.

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And as always start by putting on your protective eyewear.

Anker 757 PowerHouse 1500W 6x Long Lasting

The portable electric drill is usually the first power too; acquired by the do-it-yourselfer.

Drill : Skill Building

The clutch disengages the drive when specified resistance is met.

One reason for the power drill’s popularity is its versatility. It bores holes in wood, metal, plastic, brick, masonry, concrete and more!

But it also saws holes, sands, brushes, strips, hones, strips, stirs, grinds, shapes, reams – and more than that, too!

When they say that a drill is three eighths of an inch or a half an inch it’s referring to the maximum size drill bit it can hold.

One of the benefits of a Drill Press is setting it up for repetitive jobs.

This is my drill kit. No drills in it, mind you. Just accessories.

Now, if you just plunge through a piece of softwood you’re going to get a fair bit of tearing around the hole. If you clamp a backing board to your work it will minimize the tearing.

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