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Easy Dowel Jig Drill Guide

Today on Repairs101 I’ll show you this easy to make a dowel jig drill guide and how I used it to repair my old maple desk. This episode of Repairs101 is sponsored by Princess Auto. I was lucky to have a Princess Auto nearby last rainy season. They’ve always got what I’m looking for. So while you can just eyeball the size and location of the large view-hole, the location of the drill guide must be as precise as possible.

Clamps to hold the dowel jig drill guide

Again, you can just eyeball these dowels for length, however they must fit the drill guide exactly. So this is my desk. I’ve had it for close to forty years. I got it from this guy.

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About thirty years ago I broke it during a move. I’ve shown these clamps before but this is the job I bought them for.

Lining up my dowel jig drill guide

The desk in this video is one of my prized possessions. I bought it in the mid 1980’s from my employer (at that time) Cedarvale Tree Experts Ltd. AKA Cedarvale Tree Services. When Mr. Martin finally retired and sold the business to his long-time employees Peter and Doug, the property at 1480 St. Clair Avenue West in Toronto was sold and so too were the contents. I still have all the furniture I bought at that sale.

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