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Eye Splice : Braided Rope

Eye Splice: Braided Rope – Transcript provided for the hearing impaired.

I added this eye splice as a handle on the end of this Monkey Fist Dog Toy I made for another video. If you want to see that other video first, the rest of us will wait here for you. Alright?

What you need

Welcome back! So besides some braided line you’ll need a fid. Or even a set of them like these plastic ones I’ve got. And you’ll need something pointy like an awl to extract the core from the cover.

Eye splice: braided rope tools

So you want to figure out the size of the loop you’re going to make and mark the entry and exit points. If there’s a plastic tracer running up the inside of it like this one… You can just pull on it and discard it.

I like to use an undersized fid to work the core in at the entry point. Backwards through the case to about two inches past the exit point.

Now I’m going to pull the slack out of the tail to form the eye. Then I prepare the cover to be inserted into the core at the entry point. But again running opposite to the way it originally had. If that makes any sense.

Once you have the tail of the cover inserted in the core about a fid length… All that’s left is to massage the slack out of the cover to swallow up what’s left of the core that’s still showing.

What you want

So the key to making this milking part easy is to pull an extra foot of core out past the core exit mark and then install the cover end there. I know it’s not obvious from the footage I shot. What that extra foot of core will do is give you an extra foot of cover you can pull the slack out of and cover everything up with.

Finally, you want to snip the tail close to where it comes out and work it back into the splice.

Eye splice: braided rope eye splice
Eye splice: braided rope monkey fist dog toy.

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