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Flux Core Wire Welder

Welding art using a MIG welder as a gasless flux core wire welder to create a coat-of-arms style wall hanging from some old tools I collected.

Hey have a look at this amazing MIG welder that can be set up as an ordinary MIG welder or as a gasless flux core wire welder – simply by reversing polarity.

Last time…

So last time I showed you this amazing tool that converts an ordinary angle grinder into a metal chop saw.

The episode before that I showed you my bench model blasting cabinet.

This time…

And today on Repairs101 I’m going to put it all together to make a wall hanging for my workshop. So with the polarity reversed welding with a flux core wire is more or less the same as a stick welder, except it has the convenience of automatic wire feed. I hate to break it to you but you’re not going to learn a complex skill like welding by watching a three minute video. It’s an art form that takes a lifetime to master. But with this machine you can be laying beads and stacking dimes on day one.

welding art welder

Welding Art

Alright now I’ll tell you straight up this machine is rated for mild steel and stainless welding. Now, tool steel is by no means mild. So I’m not going to get a really good, certifiable weld. Just enough penetration to hold, I hope. Slag can be chipped, wire brushed, needle scaled or ground. Err, grinded? I don’t know. I think it’s pretty cool. It’s kind of like an old fashioned coat of arms.

welding art welded art

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