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Garden Tools Rack

How To Build An OldSchool Organizer

Alright so today on Repairs101 I’m going to show you how I made this handy garden tools organizer out of a couple of boards and a handful of screws.

So I decided enough was enough. And that I wasn’t going to store my garden tools in a garbage pail anymore.

I still had a couple of salvage boards left and I cut some triangle braces out of scraps. Then I measured and marked to fit the gussets.

Use your speed square to draw parallel lines quickly. Next I found the points on that line to drill my holes. You know, I chose to use the hole saw and table saw for this project. Because they make clean and uniform cuts. You can do all the cutting for this project with a hand saw and a coping saw. Or with a jigsaw.

Normally I would use a more sophisticated joint like a dado or a mitre joint. But for this I thought a simple butt joint clamped with glue and screws was exactly what we needed. Clean up carpenter’s glue before it cures with a clean damp cloth.

Then I glued in all the gussets and drew them together using the woodscrews. Always drill out holes before you drive in screws. Otherwise you end up with pieces that won’t mate together, split wood and broken screws. You see I put most of the evidence it’s salvaged wood here on the back. Where no one will ever see it. Alright, thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

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