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Thanks for stopping in!

Thanks for dropping in and welcome to the new REPAIRS101 website!

Repairs101 is a handyman how to skills and tools show. Demonstrations, diagrams, knots, life hacks, lists, tools, tricks and trade secrets, workshop projects and more! Helpful instruction for repairs to auto, home, industrial, marine, outdoor equipment and a variety of household appliances.

This channel features demonstrations, explanations, instruments, trade secrets and more. Auto, home, industrial, marine, outdoor equipment & appliances. Maintenance, repairs, knot tying and other skills.

Dash Cams from Cobra Electronics

Tons of tools and tips. Videos focus on skills involving rebuilding, reconditioning, recycling, refitting, re-purposing, restoring and reusing to promote conservation, environmentalism, sustainability and wildlife preservation.

Holly & Steve

Thanks again for stopping over! Hope your visit here is helpful.

Professional CB Radios from Cobra Electronics