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How I Lost 35 lbs – Effortlessly

How I lost 35 pounds by NOT doing something. By eliminating these two common products from my diet I lost 35 lbs – effortlessly.

Alright so today I’m going to tell you how I fixed my diet and lost 30 pounds in only four months. And another five pounds in two months after that. That’s this much weight… the weight of these two turkeys – and… what show is this? Really? Let me tell you I’m not a doctor. I’m not a dietician, I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not nothing. I’m just some guy who lost some weight and is willing to sit down and tell the camera what he did to overcome his struggles. And – you know – you take from it what you will.

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When people at the dog park say “hey Steve something looks different about you”. I look at them go “oh it’s my new glasses”. And uh you know it’s because I don’t want to admit to them that I lost a lot of weight. Because the fact is I don’t want to admit that I put on a lot of weight either. And, you know, uh… I say “you know” a lot, don’t I? And I thought I did a pretty good job of hiding it with loose fitting clothing and careful editing.

I tried everything


So before I discovered this change in diet I tried everything. You know, I tried exercising. I got myself a “furry little fitness machine” and went walking and we do walk let me tell you she and I walk anywhere between five and ten kilometers a day every day. Every day. I know.

But, you know for a while there I was desperate I was climbing stairs. Swinging weights while I was climbing stairs. And you know the problem with that approach to weight loss is that one “cheat day” will set you back for the whole week that you’ve made gains. Very slow gains climbing or running or whatever exercise you’re doing.

Whereas changing your diet, getting rid of carbohydrates – it’s effortless. There is nothing to it. You just have to accept that “Ok well I’m never going to eat any more pizza or birthday cake or ice cream…”. Or whatever, you know. Um, but… And this is me in the exact same shirt. Look at the difference. Unbelievable, huh? Alright the truth is I was brought up in the stupid ages when corporations lied to the public just to increase their market shares and their profit margins. And, you know, we were sold food that was essentially not good for us.

Of course you know I’m talking about grain products. You know, the seeds of different grasses can be processed into different edible products. Like bread and corn meal and oatmeal and tofu and things like that. But the fact is my pre-civilization ancestors and monkey progenitors never ate that kind of food. But, you know the fact of the matter is it’s really not so much about what I do as what I don’t do.

Change in Diet

You know, this diet I’m on. Well if you can call it a diet it really it’s more of a change in diet. But anyways it lies somewhere between um I don’t know, Paleo and Keto and Atkins somewhere in that range. Um but it’s really more about eating natural food. Not worrying about counting carbs. Not worrying about counting calories. I eat as much as I want, when I’m hungry I have a snack. Usually some nuts or a piece of fruit.

So it’s fair to say I have drastically reduced my carbohydrate intake. Not entirely. I still eat carrots and yams and sweet potatoes and potatoes. And um beets, you know, all those kinds of foods that grew out of the ground and are known for being heavy in carbohydrates.


Now there are some exceptions to my rules like I won’t eat prepared meats like salamis or sausages or anything like that anymore. But I do eat a lot of meat. I do eat bacon that’s, that’s a prepared meat I suppose. I eat a lot of cheese and it’s a prepared food. It’s a processed food, but I do eat it. You know, in fact except for bananas and nuts almost everything I eat is kept in the fridge.

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Almost everything. Well, you know I say no processed foods but again there’s some exceptions. Like I allow myself pickles and olives and sauerkraut, things like that. And we make sour dough bread from scratch at my house. So I allow myself one or two slices a day. Again you know I’m not being fanatical about anything. I’m just – I’ve simply severely reduced my carbohydrate intake. Compared to how I used to eat, according to the old food pyramid.

The exceptions make it bearable.


Now another secret to my success is in great general I only eat one meal a day. I pretty much always have. I got the idea from George Orwell’s book “The Road to Wigan Pier”. He talked about how the coal miners would only eat one meal a day and it made a lot of sense to me at the time.

What to drink?

Another thing I do – well, another thing that I don’t do is I don’t drink alcohol. There’s a lot of carbohydrates in alcohol so I get off easy on that one. What do I drink? I drink a lot of Club Soda – the poor man’s Perrier. Plus I drink uh green tea, peppermint tea, um that’s pretty much it. Sometimes I have some fresh fruit juice. One hundred percent fruit juice every once in a while. But not very often because it’s really high in sugar and therefore high in carbohydrates.

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