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How to Change Transmission Oil

In your Malibu Skier’s Borg-Warner Velvet Drive Marine Gear

Alright today on Repairs101 I’m going to help a friend out. By changing the transmission oil in his boat’s Borg-Warner Velvet Drive marine gear.

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The Malibu Skier is a fairly common boat here. And the Velvet Drive is definitely one of the most common marine gearboxes. Anywhere.

Choosing transmission oil

By far the most common question I’m asked as a mechanic is what kind of oil to use.

Velvet Drive transmissions will operate with any number of different fluids. But use Dextron III for it’s resistance to oxidization and thermal degradation. If you feel around underneath you’ll notice there’s no drain plug. And even if there was you wouldn’t be able to get a tray underneath to collect the used oil. Never drop the oil into the bilge of your boat. Use a suction pump and a recovery jug to collect the used oil for recycling.

Life hack

Here you can see I forgot to bring a funnel with me. So I just cut one out of the corner of a plastic bag.

If you don’t have the owner’s manual or access to the service manual. And an internet search doesn’t yield the fluid capacity just pour slowly and check often.

The best part of being a marine mechanic is going out for sea trials.

After ten or fifteen minutes shut her down and check your levels again.

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