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How to install new lights on an old trailer

How to install new trailer lights, wiring harness, waterproof connections and a 7 point connector on a MacGregor26 OEM trailer. Transcript provided for the hearing impaired. Alright today on Repairs101, I’m doing to show you how to turn an ordinary lawn ornament into a serviceable boat trailer.

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Princess Auto really is a one stop trailer shop – where you can find lights and markers and reflectors and couplers and harnesses and tow balls and jack stands and fenders and axles and idler hubs and so much more.

If you follow my show, you’ll remember my neighbor has a boat that he stores in his driveway. Okay first thing is to strip off all the old wire and I do mean all of it. Do not try to reuse the old grounds. Ok? Just don’t.

Hanging the new lamps is quick and easy if you use the connectors supplied with the kit and it will be perfectly adequate. However, simply won’t do it and you’ll want to create waterproof connections like I did here.

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The first thing I did was use this fish tape to pull the wiring harness wire through the tunnel. Careful you pull on something that you can trim off later. And you know that’s pretty much the job – you cut and strip a wire, you crimp on a terminal or connector and shrink on some tubing.

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You’ll see here I joined two harness together because of the length of this trailer. This old connector is toast so we upgraded to a 7-pin commercial transport style plug.

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