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Glockenspiel made of wrenches

How to make a Sound FX Generator

Alright so today on Repairs101 I’m going to show you how you can take a bunch of wrenches and some wire and make your own glockenspiel. It makes a great low budget sound effects generator that can be used for video production, Halloween haunted houses or a junkyard band.

glockenspiel etymology




materials needed to make a glockenspiel




Sound effects glockenspiel



Hello? … Hel-lo? … Hello!?! Hmmph. Nobody there.


Snap-On SAE glockenspiel

Snap-on combination wrench glockenspiel

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Specialty wrenches glockenspiel

OK perhaps glockenspiel isn’t the best word to describe this contraption. All the best minds here at REPAIRS101 R & D dept. have to come up with is XYLOPHONE. Whatever you want to call it it makes some undeniably spooky sounds that would go great in the scary parts of movies. And like many projects here on REPAIRS101 it won’t hardly cost you anything to make.

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