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Light A Pilot Light

How To In 3 Minutes & 10 Easy Steps

Light the pilot light in your furnace, hot water heater or gas appliance in 10 easy to follow steps.

Ten easy steps

1.) Make sure the gas supply is shut OFF

2.) Make sure the gas valve switch is shut OFF

3.) Remove the covers

4.) Move the gas valve switch to PILOT

5.) Open the gas supply valve

6.) Push and hold the pilot button

7.) Light the pilot

8.) Hold the pilot button for 30 seconds then release

9.) Move the gas valve switch to ON

10.) Replace covers

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Alright today on Repairs101 I’m going to show you what you need to know about lighting a pilot light for your furnace or your hot water heater or whatever – they’re all pretty much the same.

Depending on what you’re relighting – turn off the thermostat or turn the water temperature to minimum before starting.

There are really just two things you need – a light to see with and a light for ignition. You really must get one of these barbeque lighters to do the job because these old style concert lighters – they really just don’t reach.

Remember – inline is open and perpendicular is closed. Now this switch is generally referred to as a gas-cock knob but – you know – this is a family show. The switch has to be on “Pilot” to be able to push the button. Now, once again – inline is open and perpendicular is closed.

Now the danger here is in holding the pilot button down for too long before you introduce the flame, an accumulation of gas could explode and that’s going to ruin your day. Hold the pilot button until the flames have warmed the thermocouple enough to send a signal to hold the valve open. Usually it’s less than a minute. Move the switch to “On”, close up the access. Maybe check that it’s still lit. Turn up the thermostat or the temperature dial and you’re done.

Looks like

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