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Macrame Net Tote Bag

Macrame – I mean today on Repairs101 I’ll show you what you need and how to make a net tote bag like this one. If you consider yourself a reasonably good organizer – you’ll find this easy.

I got all the rope I needed plus this sweet BERNE quilted hooded jacket from our sponsor, PRINCESS AUTO.


You know I tried to use quarter inch braided line for this project but it was just too stiff to work with. So I recommend using three sixteenths of an inch nylon braided line.

You’ll need scissors, a crochet hook and some locking pliers. And you’ll need a dowel or perhaps a coat hanger to suspend it all from and something to use as spacers.

You’ll need to know how to tie a clove hitch, or at least a lark’s head, anyway.

The body of the net is made of square knots but it has an added dimension, trapping two lines inside of each knot.

And finally you’ll need to make a bunch of crossing turns tightened against each other to complete the handles and the shoulder strap.

Check it out. This is how I get these shots except I have to turn my glasses upside down because they’re bifocals.

OK so here it is, one more time.

If you pick up two one hundred foot lengths of three sixteenths nylon braided line, you’ll still have a nice piece left over when this bag’s done.

Macrame bag set-up

So you’re going to tie the square knots in the five groups of your four lines and lay them across the support. This is the bottom of the bag. Use some tape to secure them in place.

You’re going to take two strands from each knot and tie them to the adjacent knot using that same square knot. When you have three rows joined, close the sides of the bag.

Continue to make rows of square knots until there are two rows up each side and one on the bottom for a total of five.

Next you’ll use your spacers to expand the size of the netting.

To create a handle, find the center knot, then collect the six strands of each side of it and bind those together with the longest one using crossing turns and/or clove hitches.

Handles & strap

If you remember the supplies list I showed you – you’ll need three eight foot strands to finish the handles and the strap. Find the center and then bind the twelve loose tails together using the clove hitch. Then bind the tails together with crossing turns.

For the strap you’ll find you have eight long strands left on either side. I did a simple braid with two groups of two strands and one group of four strands.

Finally you want to trim the tails and hide them inside the handle using a crochet hook and some locking pliers to help you pull on it.

Now once again as with the handles you’re going to bind these together with an eight foot strand using a clove hitch at the center and working out from there with crossing turns.

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