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Make Your Beater Sweeter pt.2 – floors & upholstery

Alright today on Repairs101 I’m going to show you a couple of things I did this month to make my five-hundred dollar beater – a little bit sweeter. This episode of Repairs101 is sponsored by Princess Auto. Last time I scraped and wet-sanded the sunburnt clear coat off and then I prepped the roof and hood for painting, which I’ll do at a later date. I also peeled off all this plastic fake chrome and I found that Acetone worked the best at removing the gum residue. FYI: if you rub up against something and some paint is left behind, you can generally remove it with a little Acetone on a rag. So after 35 years the cabin is predictably dirty but it’s in surprisingly good condition. You’re going to want to use a wet/dry vac on the upholstery. If you have stains you can buy a shampoo or a spot remover or you can just try soap suds and a brush with your shop vac. Now, to deal with the smells associated with a thirty-five year old pickup truck I sprinkled baking soda liberally, brushed it in, let it sit for one hour then vacuumed it all up. So the floor was filthy and salt stained but I made light work of it with some Armor All and a terrycloth rag. Sweet. Am I right? Next time I’ll show you what I did about this saggy driver’s seat… and we’ll see about getting some of these dents out.

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