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Measuring Instruments

Vernier Calipers, Telescoping Gauges, Dial Indicator & Digital Indicator

Alright, today on Repairs101 I’m going to show you some tips on using these common measuring instruments. The Vernier Caliper, Telescoping Gauges and Dial Indicators or Digital indicators.

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This episode of Repairs101 is sponsored by Princess Auto. A vernier scale is a small movable scale running parallel to a fixed scale.

This one has metric on the bottom and imperial measure on top. Here’s an oil pump gear that came out of this reduction gear on this boat. To find the size of the shaft that drives it use the outside measure jaws. In this case the zeros line up perfectly at thirty-five millimeters or one and three eighths inches.

These rocker buttons came out of cylinder heads like these on engines like this in these boats. Make good use of the locking knob and fine adjustment screw when you’re measuring many things that are almost the same size. Ok so you’re looking for which mark on the fixed scale does the movable scale’s zero clearly pass. And then, what marks beyond that line-up exactly.

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Now, you’re probably asking yourself how you’re supposed to use a caliper to check the bore in your valve guides on the diesel engine in your sloop. OK so the gauges are spring loaded. Now there’s a locking rod that travels down the center of it and you just lock it by turning down the cap on the end. Then your trusty caliper will tell you what’s what. I guess you could measure the valve stem itself.

I set up this digital indicator up. To measure the height of the relief of George Washington’s portrait on a U.S. quarter. This magnetic base has a swivel – rather than the traditional rigid pole coming out of the center – and it has amazing reach as a result.

Use either set-up to find top-dead-center or to align your power plant to your output shaft. Here’s something you can do at home – set up your indicator to check your disk brakes for warpage. Warping. Warpedness?

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