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Mini Portable Sawmill

This mature Green Ash tree fell on my lawn so I picked up a Bozeman Mini Edging Chainsaw Mill to get more than just firewood for my side-hustle. Transcript provided for the hearing impaired.


This episode of Repairs101 is sponsored by Princess Auto. So I bought this saw brand new in 1989. It’s earned me a lot of money over the years. This attachment is going to open-up a whole new side hustle for me. More on that later. So I went with three eighths of an inch track clearance, but you maybe want to try a quarter inch. You see? I chewed the edge here. I refer to this as a car because it runs on a track.

So I thought that with my twenty inch bar I would be able to mill eighteen inch logs – but, given the clearance for your chain brake and the grabs I think it’s better to look at cutting in the twelve to fourteen inch range. So for a crib I just threw three heavy, odd shaped pieces of wood into a hole in my carport floor so they wouldn’t slide around. So I put a couple of drywall screws in to secure the rail and one toe-nailed into the carport for added stability. (SAWING) So it’ll be a year or two before these are dry enough to push through a planer and sell as kitchen cutting boards and in the mean time I’m just going to grab myself a longer bar and chain and dig into these pieces next.

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