The Repairs101 mission is pretty simple. For many years when I was a boy I belonged to a Scouting group whose motto was SERVE BY CONSERVING. And that pretty much sums it up.

Repairs101 MISSION STATEMENT photo of mountains

I go to a lot of effort to keep seemingly mundane items out of landfill. Furniture made from solid wood is a good example. And cars. Trucks. Machines. And you know what? The house I have lived in for more than twenty three years was considered a tear down when we moved in. So that’s a whole building restored and reused for a quarter century. Therefore the whole REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE philosophy is an underlying factor with some add-ons like REFIT, REPURPOSE and (naturally) REPAIR.

Watch enough of my show and you’ll notice i used a lot of salvaged lumber in my woodworking projects. As a former Arborist I am particularly interested in preserving our trees so I make every attempt to be sure good wood is never wasted.

It goes back to what they taught us in scouts: respect for our woods, our water and our wildlife.

Another aspect of the Repairs101 mission is in the desire to SHARE SKILLS that have been shared with me. I spent decades working shoulder to shoulder with brilliant, talented and experienced skilled workers who shared their knowledge with me. Same as it had been shared with them. They were just paying it forward, as has been done since the beginning of time. And as I in turn share with whomever cares to click and watch.

Repairs101 MISSION STATEMENT photo of forest

So that’s about it. Conservation and sharing. And, to me, it’s another paintbrush.

Repairs101 MISSION STATEMENT photo of the river