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Monkey Fist Knot Dog & Cat Toy

Alright, today on Repairs 101 I’ve got one for all you knot tying enthusiasts. I’m going to show you how to tie a monkey’s fist knot, which makes a great toy for cats and dogs.

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Prep work

Whether you use braid rope or laid rope, melt the ends so that they don’t unravel while you work. Find yourself something pointy to work with, you’ll need it to tighten things together when you’re finishing the knot. So, this knot is challenging in that you have to keep it well organized. But if you keep your lines straight it will look much better when you’re finished. Three times around, then change direction through the centre and wrap three times around the outside.

Now you have to pull off another change of direction and weave it over, under, over under the other band of three wraps, and you do that three times around.

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Another look

So, here’s another look at that process using a jig and a larger piece of rope. Hopefully making it easier to see what’s going on and how exactly you shape the ball of the monkey’s fist.

Now, you may think you can just pull on the tails and you’re done. But actually tightening it up is the challenging part. You’re going to work the knot and the tail into the cavity in the centre of the monkey’s fist. Then you start with that tail, pull it tight. Work all the slack out through the whole knot and into the free end. Stainless steel balls or other weights can be used to increase the distance achieved with your heaving line. But you know, depending on what kind of boat you’re heaving a line to, maybe you want to use a flotation core. On a completely unrelated subject – once I loaded my new sliding top tool cabinet up with my hammers, chisels, and punches – I liked it so much I got another one.

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