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My Backyard Paint Booth

This little silent film is about how I built my backyard paint booth. Hope you enjoy the full range of dynamic sounds collected here. I’m always trying something new with every video I produce. ASMR.

Shows tools and materials required to set up your own temporary paint booth. Part 7 of my 5 part series “How to make your beater sweeter”.

Watch and listen as I clean out a rundown carport, hang 1 mil clear poly sheeting to create my backyard paint booth and then tape up and spray paint the hood and roof on my pickup truck – a 1987 Ford Ranger – which I bought for $500 !!

This episode of Repairs101 is sponsored by Princess Auto.

(no dialogue)

Before going into my backyard paint booth

Admittedly a more skilled pair of hands may have been able to remove all the burned up clear coat without damaging the underlying paint. However I am somewhat of a bull in a china shop with regards to certain tasks and have a tendency to over-do things rather than under-do them.

Final coat in my backyard paint booth

I chose to paint with TREMCLAD instead of laquer. I love the rustproofing qualities of Tremclad! And the colour match is nearly imperceptible.

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