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Ocean Plat Flat Knot Mat

Alright today on Repairs101 I’m going to show you how to create a mat using a single strand of rope and tying it into a flat knot called the Ocean Plat.

This episode of Repairs101 is sponsored by Princess Auto.

Now Ashley says you can tie this knot hanging from a peg on the wall the way I did with my Cargo Net Hammock video. But I’m going to lay it out so you can see the pattern evolve.

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You know, at first it may seem like an exercise in advanced spatial reasoning. But if you just follow the pattern, you’ll see it’s really quite simple.

OK that’s what it should look like before you get into the second pass.

Periodically you’ll need to stop and sort it all out. And chase the slack out of the knot into the loose ends.

Just one more thing. For a bigger mat covering a larger area simply make more passes. However four passes or more will require more than a single strand of rope. Additional pieces being sewn together end to end as the weave progresses.).

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