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Oven door wonky?

If your oven door’s all wonky like this: I can show you how to fix that, real easy. The outer door skin is coming separated from the inner door skin. I’m just going to show you really quickly how this is done.


You open a stove door all the way and you simply yank on it and it snaps off like that. And to put it back in it’s very simple: you simply line it back up and it drops in and you’re done.

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OK it’s kind of gross but we’ll give it a good clean up later. I’ll try some Vim. So we’ll give it a shot and see what that does. In the mean time I’ll show you how to split this thing open.


You see these screws on the inside of the door panel. Now, we’ll just get to popping those out.

OK so then you just need to get in here. I’m just going to use my screwdriver real gently to lift it up enough to get my hand underneath it and then you just pry the two pieces apart.

Replace oven door glass

So if the glass was broken you can see you’d just take out a few screws and you have these retaining pieces that will come away and then it’s just a plate of glass. Of course it’s not just any kind of glass, you’re going to have to go and get something that’s specifically for use on oven doors. Otherwise you’re going to have a disaster on your hands. So do not replace this with ordinary glass.

So have a look at these tangs here. Along the bottom edge of the door here this is how the door is hinged together.

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These tabs go into slots on the bottom of the inside half of the door and so you want to make sure that they’re all standing up nice and upright. These are the slots that I’m talking about of course. Sometimes they just need re-bending like this one right here.

Line those up again just by sliding them into place and then dropping this back in. Do the screws back down. If it’s coming apart at the bottom, if your door panels are loose and separating from each other, you just want to go down and have a look and make sure these tongues are in their slots all the way across.

You can just re-bend them with a pair of pliers as you saw me do. [Scrubbing]

Well that looks much better. And there you go. Stove door, wonky no more.

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