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Make your beater sweeter 5

making a $500 work truck run reliably with improved comfort and appearance. This episode: global supply shortage, rain, 1987 pickup leaks, and great gift ideas

Make Your Beater Sweeter Pt.4

Leaky windshield fix, opening a rounded oil pan drain nut and basic tuneup components changed. My $500 1987 Ford Ranger project vehicle part 4.

Make your beater sweeter Pt.3

Inexpensive fixes to common problems with old cars and trucks like worn seat cushions, noisy tailgates and dents - using paintless dent repair.

Make Your Beater Sweeter pt.2 – floors & upholstery

Tips and tricks on treating upholstery for tobacco and other various smells and restoring rubber flooring to like new appearance. Whether you just picked up a used vehicle or plan to sell your old ride these hacks will help make your beater sweeter.

How to Splice Rope

Detailed look at splicing an eye splice, tying a Crown Knot, a back splice and a short splice using three strand twisted fibre rope.

Multimeter Tests anyone can do.

Digital Multimeter and analog multimeter tests on batteries, engines, fuses, bulbs, coaxial cable and more - check voltage, resistance and continuity.

Puppies are jerks. Dogs are awesome.

Puppies tend to be stubborn and self concerned often trusting their own instincts above the guidance of their guardians. In other words: puppies are jerks....

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