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Parallel Parking Secret

Parallel parking is the one driving skill that two out of three drivers struggle with.

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OK first off: assess the parking stall for suitability,

Signal your intention to park. And check for bicycles and other road users.

Pick a target vehicle. The target is the vehicle you want to park behind. Check that the driver of the target car is not about to open their door and step out or drive away.

Parallel parking made easy

It can be any vehicle but cars are much easier to swing behind than big trucks.

Pull alongside and just ahead of the target – about two feet away.

Back up until you see the corner of the target in the rear side window.

Crank the steering wheel to right lock but back it off a tiny bit.

Roll back until you see the curb in your side mirror.

*REMEMBER: (as i have mentioned in several other Repairs101 videos) Every vehicle from motorcycle to highway transport tractor trailer needs convex “spotter mirrors” on both sides of the driver for maximum visibility – safe driving is all about maximum visibility and spotter mirrors will enable you to judge distance between your vehicle and the curb under most circumstances.

Straighten the wheel and then roll back very slowly.

Crank the steering wheel to left lock. Again back off a tiny bit.

Roll back to the parallel parking parked position. Jockey around within the spot as necessary.

Parallel parking secret
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