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Picture Framing with Diamond Points

Diamond points: I have the original nails here but I’m going to replace them with a much more modern and much more convenient solution – diamond points. Which are these little fellows right here. I call them stars because they’re kind of star shaped. 

We’re going to use these little staples that are driven in by this interesting little driver right here. You just get in behind them like that and you push them in …

That’s what the staple looks like. As you can see its got raised edges for pushing on. 

The tool is this thing right here it’s made by the Fletcher company again and all you do is you get… you load one in like that. 

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And you want to be very careful not to push down at all because you’re going to shatter the glass. Of course you need to only be pushing parallel to the glass into the wood, not down on the glass at all.

I’m going to try and centre it and then slide it on in like that. Very careful not to push down – only to push across. And there it is.

OK as usual my product is by 3M and it is Durapore fabric tape. So just attach that along like that. Like that and then bring it in, make a nice dust cover while still preserving the look of the original picture frame maker.

And then trim the corner on an angle.

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