Some of my favourite pix collected over the years

Dash Cams from Cobra Electronics

My SEO guide is insisting that I write more than nine words for this page. It has no regard for what the essence of the page is.

So to appease the great algorithm gods I have come up with a rebuttal, knowing full well that nobody clicked on this page to read anything. You came to see pix. Of course you did. However search engines can’t evaluate imagery in a meaningful fashion (yet).

I have always believed the saying ” A picture is worth a thousand words.” Now from that perspective – I have always held the belief that images.. art… video – whatever visual art form is engaged should speak for itself. Too often artists’ work is explained by some clever words the artist or someone representing them attached to it. However, jokes aren’t funny if you have to explain them and art isn’t about words it’s about the viewers’ relationship with the imagery.

Hmm. Need another hundred and thirty five words. Lets see, what in the news today? Sorry. Channelling Krusty again. Truth is I wouldn’t touch what’s in the news today with a ten foot clown pole. Dang it there I did it again. But my SEO just got a green light so… What’s in the news today? Ai doesn’t know art from ashtrays.