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Glass Cutting – Quick Basics

A quick primer on glass cutting: OK so I like to put it on a piece of cardboard as you see on top of my workbench. I bring it right to the edge here. I’m going to be cutting across there.

clamps for glass cutting

I’ll take a steel ruler and also align it perfectly across the edge so I have an exact parallel cut. I’m going to take my gluing clamps and place them across the bottom so that the ruler can’t move when I’m etching my line.

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OK I’m going to put a drop of tenacious oil on the wheel, every time I use it because it’s going to clog up with glass debris and you want it running freely in order to do the cut.

Now listen for this sound, it’s critical that you be making the same noise so that you ensure that you’re making a good score across. [Glass cutting] Listen for that sound.

glass cutting with a pencil type glass cutter

You probably want to wear gloves to do this. So just line that up. There we go.

using cut running pliers after glass cutting

Being able to cut glass is a great skill to have. The tools are inexpensive for sure and you’ll have a lot of opportunities to use it around the home if you’re a handy-person. You might have broken window panes in your home that you need to replace, you might have a broken mirror that needs to be replaced or reframed or like this a piece of broken artwork.

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