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Shot in my own backyard. This one definitely does under the category “Things You Don’t See Everyday”
My dog tipped me off one morning that something was up in a tree a few block from our house.
Hummingbirds are always on the lookout for something red. One day we were having Cokes in my Dad’s driveway. A hummer flew right up to us to check out our red cans.
This easy to tie knot can save electrical circuits from accidental damage caused by tripping over and yanking on the cord one way or another.
You can tell this is an old mechanic’s trick by the fact that an old mechanic just showed it to you. I learned this one from Manfred AKA Dr. Diesel
A simple test with a common multimeter will determine the state of your battery and whether it is worth charging or replacing.
You don’t need to replace a tire that has been punctured! A tire plug kit can be had for less than $20! Or take the tire in and have your mechanic plug it for about the same!
Don’t let a drippy tap keep you awake! This trick my Dad showed me will silence the fall of the droplets so you can get a good night’s sleep and fix the drip in the morning.
The ultimate quick release knot for pets, livestock and even sailing tenders. Tie it in 10 seconds. Bight, bight, bight.
Save a ton of money by NOT calling the plumber and changing those worn bathtub faucet bushings yourself. Save money?
The best advice ever heard by the Grandaddy of YouTube How-to DIY videos – Steve#5 of Repairs101.
Hard hitting life lessons / reality checks passed down from father to son to YouTube.

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Transfomer x Anker GaNPrime Charger and Power Bank