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Snap-on Combination Wrenches

– Product Review #2

Alright , so today on Repairs101 we’re going to have a look at Snap-on Flank Drive plus Combination wrenches.

We’ll have a real close look at them, see what’s different about them — how they work compared to conventional wrenches. We’re going to talk about whether or not you think it’s an investment you want to make. Snap-on has recently been offering quite a few 2 for 1 type offers like this one. It’s not quite true 2 for 1. Because you’re not getting as many pieces in the SAE set as you do in the metric set. But it’s a very good deal.

OK so a ten piece metric set with every wrench from ten to nineteen millimetres. It also came with this nice seven piece set of SAE or Imperial or Fractional wrenches. If you ask your Snap-on dealer, you know, “why should I buy Snap-on tools instead of your competitors tools or a cheaper brand of tools?”. They’ll tell you it’s because of quality and service. And that’s a fair answer because they make superior quality tools. And they’re a lot less likely to be breaking or bending or splaying. Or ruining your hardware than some conventional cheaper tools.

OK and so I got my Snap-on dealer to do this demonstration for me on camera. So I could show you what she showed me. Which is how Snap-on’s Flank Drive grabs the flank or sides of the hardware. As opposed to the corners of your hardware. Which is the way a conventional wrench would grab it.

That’s why conventional wrenches are more likely to slip and round off your hardware than is the Flank Drives from Snap-on. And as far as service goes. If you need a specific tool and someone’s willing to bring it to you on your job. So you don’t lose any time off the clock: there’s got to be a real value to that. Especially to employers and professionals. And even the hardcore hobbyist who can’t afford productivity to go down just for the lack of a tool. Or because of a broken tool.

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