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Stuff You Need In Your Car

– Top 12 + Be Prepared For Whatever

Alright today on Repairs101. I’m going to go over a list of things I think everybody should have in their car. Especially in the winter time.

Fire extinguishers are required by law in many countries. And a good idea is a good idea.

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Have a decent First Aid Kit hidden in the vehicle somewhere. Be prepared for major traumas typical of auto accidents and for hypothermia prevention.

Cheap Polar Fleece blankets can be used to survive cold weather if you’re stranded. And they protect your seat upholstery from spills, stains, wear and tear.

If you use a reflective window shade / sun blocker in the summer. Remember – in a pinch it can make a survival poncho or a raincoat. You’ll be glad you had gloves. And a hat if you have to dig out your vehicle or change a flat tire.


Be sure you know the location and condition of your spare and how to install it. Or how to use the Inflation Kit some new cars come with. Get yourself a set of jumper cables or a booster pack. I guess these go on your car, not in it. But I believe every vehicle needs convex spotter mirrors on both sides.

Now because driving is all about visibility. Have some windshield washer fluid on hand and something for the windows’ insides as well. Depending on the season, always have squeegees or snow-brushes and ice-scrapers on board.

These archaic geolocator devices are called “Maps”. And the data is stored on an ancient media platform called “Paper”. I hope I pronounce that right. Alright thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe.

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