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Apprenticeships Pay – Everybody Wins

Apprenticeships are fast becoming a forgotten institution - one minute ultra low budget animation on how apprenticeships exist to benefit both the master and the student - as told by someone who has completed three separate apprenticeships - fun and insightful chalkboard animation.

Sockets & Socket Wrenches

Show and tell of basic required sockets and socket wrenches for apprentice mechanics and novice gear-heads. Plus some other neat stuff.

Wrenches 101

A basic guide to the most commonly depended on wrenches to buy for those interested in becoming apprentice mechanics and/or for automotive enthusiasts / do-it-yourself types..

Snap-on Combination Wrenches

Product review of Snap-on Flank Drive Plus combination wrenches in special "2 for 1" promotional package featuring a 10 piece metric wrench set and a 7 piece SAE wrench set. Demonstrates difference between Snap-on Flank Drive and conventional hex drives. Close up pix and approximate cost to buy.

Air Compressors & Pneumatic Tools

Discussion on criteria for selecting the correct air compressor for home or industrial use. Covers tank size, pressure, pumps, motors and duty-cycles of compressors and reviews air consumption of typical mechanic's air tools.

Torque Talk

Brief discussion on the dangers of over-tightening fasteners. Shows use of Craftsman click-type torque wrenches in both lb.ft. and lb.in.

Why I became a Mechanic

Insight into reasons to choose the field of Mechanics as a career as told by a Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic. Discusses recycling and environmentalism in the automotive industry.

Professional CB Radios from Cobra Electronics