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Benchtop blast cabinet

Setting up a bench model blasting cabinet, adding a work light, air regulator and vacuum hookup. Having a blast. Wish you were here.

My Backyard Paint Booth

Shows tools and materials required to set up your own temporary paint booth. Part 7 of my 5 part series "How to make your beater sweeter". Watch and listen as I clean out a rundown carport, hang 1 mil clear poly sheeting and then tape up and spray paint the hood and roof on my pickup truck - a 1987 Ford Ranger - which I bought for $500 !!

Glockenspiel made of wrenches

Easy to build rainy day project for kids of all ages - make your own Glockenspiel made from combination wrenches or other for film, music and video production sound effects - for creating eerie Halloween noises - or for an authentic junkyard band sound. #ASMR

Professional CB Radios from Cobra Electronics