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10+ Knots You Want To Know

How to tie and when to use more than ten of the most commonly used traditional and effective knots and several variations (including some left handed versions) shown to demonstrate how simple knots and hitches are the building blocks for more complex knots.

The Marlingspike Hitch

Learn to tie the Marlinspike (or Marlingspike) Hitch - a useful knot for making rope ladders, hanging hammocks or pulling hard on light line without the rope cutting into your hands. Many uses for this easy to tie, strong, reliable and versatile knot!

Carrick Bend – How To Tie

Learn to tie both the symmetrical and asymmetrical versions of this ancient knot once prominently featured in the art and architecture of ancient Celts and other European cultures. A knot as old as time itself. Repairs101 - your connection to the past!

Fisherman’s Knot & Double Fisherman’s Knot

Easy to learn Fisherman's Knots, demonstrating both standard and double knots. Useful for joining ropes that you wish to be able to separate without a knife. Easy to follow, clear and close-up point of view perspective shots!

Camp Stove

Building a fuel efficient, lightweight camp stove from recycled materials that collects ash and leaves no footprint / zero trace in environmentally sensitive areas. I used some recycled coffee cans, a soup can, a tomato paste can and a ducting reducer with some cage wire to create this amazing portable stove.

Wooden Kitchen Tools

Making wooden kitchen tools for cooking, display and gifts. Focusing on a basic spatula and an advanced skills spoon.

Alpine Butterfly – Hot Knots 5

The Alpine Butterfly is a highly useful knot used especially in rigging. When a loop is required that may take an equal strain in all directions and still allow the rope to be recovered.

Cow Hitch – Hot Knots 4

OK say you have a ring, you know the common thing to do would be to just pass that through, flip it over and you...

Sheepshank – Hot Knots 3

Quick demonstration on how to tie a Sheepshank - used frequently as a means of gathering bowsing lines while keeping them ready to deploy.

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