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Mini Portable Chainsaw Mill

This mature Green Ash tree fell on my lawn so I picked up a Bozeman Mini Edging Chainsaw Mill to get more than just firewood for my side-hustle.

Chainsaw Chain Tension Adjustment

Introduction to adjusting chainsaw chain tension using two different types of chainsaws with Pro-tips and safety hacks included free of charge. Demonstrated on a Stihl 038 Super-Pro and a TackLife 8 inch 6amp electric telescoping pole saw.

Chainsaws 101

Basic things you need to know about the care and operation of a chainsaw.

Chainsaws : Sharpening

How to do-it-yourself instructional on sharpening a chainsaw by hand using files and checking raker height using a straight-edge and a feeler-gauge. Discusses use of Dremel power rotary tool in shop environment. Shows use of chain file guide for proper angle on cutting edge and filing back a damaged chisel-point to restore a good cutting edge.

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