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Life Hacks – Garden Edition – Top 10 +

Top 10 ++ Lifehacks for Gardeners and Gardening Enthusiasts - propagation, pruning, pesticides, transplanting, and tools / tool care tips for working smarter not harder. Also some recycling ideas and environmentally conscious choices available in every home for combating pests and weeds.

Cold Frame for Balconies & Patios – How to Build

Everything you need to know about making your own Cold Frame for starting seeds early and extending your growing season! With a few basic shop tools and a bit of brass hardware you can make "something from nothing" that will increase your garden's yield! Make a small one for your patio / balcony or as large as you want for backyard and field use.

How to Service Your Lawn Mower

Basic service and blade sharpening / balancing on a standard single blade lawn mower with a four stroke Tecumseh engine.

Pruner / Secateurs Care & Repair

A quick lesson in the sharpening, lubrication, blade replacement and best pruning practices involved with secateurs or hand-pruners.

Leaf Blower : Pull-Start Cord

How to do-it-yourself instructional on the repair and modification of a hand-held leaf blower's pull start cord mechanism.

Lawn Mower Tune Up

How to do-it-yourself instructional on basic tune up of Tecumseh mower engine. Demonstrates troubleshooting a fouled spark plug and solving by increasing operating speed.

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