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Angle Grinder Holder

The Angle Grinder Holder is one of my best loved tools. It’s affordable, portable, and it makes cutting metal easy, safe and precise. And today...

Porsche Tesla Motor Swap

Check this electric conversion on a 2002 Porsche Boxster with a Tesla Model S P85 motor and Kia batteries, charger and Battery Management System.

1968 Ford Mustang GTCS Cooling System

– thermostat, water pump and radiator Hey alright today on Repairs101 I’ve got something really special for you – this 1968 Ford Mustang GT California...

Side View Mirror 1996 Chevy Blazer

How to do-it yourself instructional on replacing the side-view mirror on a 1996 Chevrolet Blazer with complete inner door panel removal and installation process & advice on torque and torque wrenches. Save money by replacing your wing mirror yourself with just a small handful of tools!

Top Ten Tools To Take Troubleshooting

You might be surprised by my top 10 picks for the tools most likely to go to work with me as a heavy duty mechanic troubleshooting in the field. Based on over 20 years experience as a field technician.

How A Car’s Cooling System Works

Explanation of car's engine cooling system - basic principles anyone can understand, its operation and major components. Shows cross-section diagrams and test equipment in use to troubleshoot failing system. Shows basic thermostat test. One of the most common "break down" issues for older cars and trucks.

Life Hacks 2 – Top 10 Handyman Tips Edition

Save effort, time and money with these Top 10 ++ more Life Hacks, shortcuts & trade secrets! Tips & tricks for work, home & auto! Pro painting secrets, automotive tips and tricks and more great ideas!

How to Change Transmission Oil

Changing transmission fluid (Dextron iii) in a Malibu Skier's Borg-Warner Velvet Drive 1:1 output marine gearbox. Demonstrates tools used to recover old oil and a pro tip on what to do if you can't find a clean funnel to refill the gear case with.

What’s in my tool bag?

Show and tell displaying the contents of a professional Heavy Duty Mechanic's tool bag / troubleshooting kit. Transcript provided for the hearing impaired:

Professional CB Radios from Cobra Electronics