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Lube Oil & Filter – Pro Mechanic Tips & Tricks

Professional mechanic's tips and tricks of the trade for easier lube, oil and filter service. ( It's like lifehacks for mechanics & automotive hobbyists ). Simple ideas that can save time, energy and money whether you're an amateur or a professional.

How to Change Transmission Oil

Changing transmission fluid (Dextron iii) in a Malibu Skier's Borg-Warner Velvet Drive 1:1 output marine gearbox. Demonstrates tools used to recover old oil and a pro tip on what to do if you can't find a clean funnel to refill the gear case with.

Changing Engine Oil

Performing an engine oil and filter change. Tips and tricks for a professional job on a do-it-yourself budget.

Choosing Engine Oil

How to do-it-yourself instructional on selecting the correct engine oil. Explains API Service Classifications, Viscosity, Synthetic and Multi-grade oils.

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