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Stuff You Need In Your Car

Be road ready with these Top 12 + basic and inexpensive things you really need to keep in your car for accidents, auto failures and emergency preparedness. Survive the drive! You will wish you had all these things in your car when you need them. Remain calm and keep watching Repairs101.

Prepping For Power Outages

Top ten list of what you need to ride out power failures in comfort and security. Be prepared for blackouts and other power interruptions! Be ready wth plenty of food, water, fuel and emergency supplies to ride out the wait for power to be restored.

Emergency Heaters

A look at some popular internet solutions to coping with cold weather during power outages / blackouts and their inherent risks. The surprisingly dangerous flowerpot / tea light heater and the potentially explosive beer can stove are demonstrated.

Camp Stove

Building a fuel efficient, lightweight camp stove from recycled materials that collects ash and leaves no footprint / zero trace in environmentally sensitive areas. I used some recycled coffee cans, a soup can, a tomato paste can and a ducting reducer with some cage wire to create this amazing portable stove.

Professional CB Radios from Cobra Electronics